Oil and Filter Change Service for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW

Oil and Filter Change Service for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW

Oil Change Service for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW

Successful oil changes require a bit more than just an oil change. Our auto mechanics perform these necessary steps to ensure that the oil is clean, free from contaminants, and the engine runs correctly.

Inspection: The first step in the oil change process is inspecting the car or SUV’s oil and filter. We take the time to check oil levels, consistency, and color. We also look for debris or sludge, which can indicate other engine issues. Similarly, we check the oil filter for any contaminants such as metal flakes, dirt, or grime. If the oil has an odd odor or is milky, we’ll also test it for coolant contamination. We recommend that you do not wait until you have noticeable problems with your oil to have it checked out or changed.

Pump Old Oil Out: We don’t drain the old oil, we pump it out. Pumping engine oil is the preferred method among car manufacturers. They recommend it because it’s more effective, and because it reduces the chances of contamination from old, used oil that may be left in the engine. Pumping also eliminates the need to remove or damage the oil drain plug and skid plates, which makes it a safer and more efficient method overall.

Oil Filter Replacement: After removing the used oil, we remove the old oil filter and replace it with a new one. The oil filter is a crucial component because it is responsible for filtering out the contaminants that can affect the engine. After replacing the filter, we wait until all the oil has been pumped—this ensures the filter gets filled with clean oil when the engine is re-started.

Adding New Oil: After removing the oil filter, we refill the engine with new oil. We always use top-quality synthetic oil for German cars and SUVs because it helps extend the life of the engine. We also note that the oil should be added gradually in case the engine has developed any leaks in the oil system. If this happens, the leak can be seen and repaired before the engine is fully reassembled.

Final Testing: Before returning your car or SUV to you, we conduct a final check by starting the engine and letting it run for a few minutes. We check for oil leaks and check that the oil pressure is at a healthy level. We also verify that the oil was added correctly and that the filter is in the correct position. We then check all the gauges for desired functionality.

Oil and Filter Change Service for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW
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