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The Mini Cooper was developed and produced by the BMC (British Motor Corporation) from the late 50s to the year 2000 as the hip answer to the economy car. The car was an instant hit back in the 1960s and symbolizes the swinging sixties in TV shows, movies and other media. The innovative front-wheel drive design allowed for the majority of the car’s space to be used for passengers and cargo; this layout became a significant influence on the compact car design.

Some reporters in the mid-sixties erroneously speculated that the mini got its name from the popular fashion of the day; the mini skirt. Mary Quant, the skirt’s designer actually named the outfit after her favorite car – the mini. The Mini (the car, not the skirt) was awarded the second most influential car of the 20th century in 1999. In 1961 Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis, one of the pioneers of the original Mini and John Cooper, president of the Cooper Car Company (of Formula One fame) collaborated to create the Mini Cooper.

Mini Cooper care and feeding

In this era of high priced fuel, it is gratifying to know that feeding a Mini Cooper is not a serious concern. Its average of 32 combined MPG and 37 highway rating are a welcome relief. Those who have never driven a mini might see it as a cheap sub-compact vehicle but that is far from the case. As a matter of fact, the car is in the class of the BMW series 3 in terms of quality and structural dynamics. Taking care of the car is extremely essential to its overall performance. Adhere to a routine maintenance schedule with your shop and listen to the car engine to become familiar with its operation.

There are three types of standard Mini Coopers services available:

  1. Oil Change
  2. Inspection (I)
  3. Inspection (II)

The center of the speedometer contains the service interval display; which notifies the driver of the type of service needed. There is an indication of the number of miles until the next service is required right on the display. The overdue signal will be evident when the mileage figure goes into the negative, and the display starts flashing. The Inspection I (also known as minor service) covers oil, filters and other basic inspections while Inspection II covers the previous tasks as well as more parts inspections and diagnostics.

Mini Cooper – regularly scheduled service is imperative

These are exceptional little cars that can go a long way on very little gas but keeping the excellent up-keep requires vigilance to ensure its longevity. In Littleton, CO, the local Dealer Alternative Mini service center can handle the maintenance with ease. Dealer Alternative Service Centers are fully equipped to service and repair foreign cars like the Mini. They offer genuine parts and trained staff that is certified to do the job. The most recognized Dealer Alternative Repair and Maintenance center in Littleton, CO, Autoworks Colorado is known for their customer service, attention to detail and consummate skill at Mini service and repair.

Mini Cooper Repair in Littleton, CO
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