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The word Volkswagen means “people’s car” in English. The people’s car company got its start in Wolfsburg, Germany in the 1930s to become the third largest automaker in the world and the leading car manufacturer in Germany. The Golf, Passat and the renowned Volkswagen Beetle are the cars from the company to make the Top 10 all-time best selling cars list.

The Company still manufactures these three models and sales are still going strong. VW has the third largest expense in terms of research and development of any auto manufacturer in the world; they earn their reputation by thinking in terms of decades, not years.

That’s The Power Of German Engineering Through DARMCs

Volkswagen service is outstanding; there is no denying that. Servicing a VW is a tremendously important part of keeping these cars in top condition. Here’s something that viewers do not get to hear on those fancy (and expensive) car dealership commercials; not all Volkswagen factory-trained technicians work at dealerships. Many of the best expert VW techs work at Dealer Alternative Repair and Maintenance Centers (DARMC) and work exceptionally well on a number of vehicles. That means Beetle, Passat and Golf drivers can keep their arms and legs; they can now afford excellent service on their vehicles. They get the same expert service and genuine Volkswagen parts for their vehicles.

When on the lookout for a local DARMC, check the certifications on their site or in their shop. They should have a clear indication that they offer genuine parts and their techs are certified for work on the appropriate vehicles. Ask a few questions while reviewing the shop and gauge the level of service given to other patrons. Any potential customer should be totally satisfied that the shop can handle the vehicle before trusting it to strangers. Volkswagen owners in Colorado can skip the intense search and head over to Autoworks Colorado. They can get all their car care questions answered by their professional service agents.

Getting Answers To VW Questions

So it should be fairly evident by now that any Volkswagen owner can currently get the best technicians and genuine VW parts while staying within budget. Although taking a VW vehicle to a DARMC to save money is a terrific idea, there are other reasons to make the switch. For example, Littleton, CO’s Autoworks Colorado has been a fixture in the community for over a quarter of a century and well known for the work they do.

Autoworks Colorado in Littleton, CO is an authorized service and repair shop for Volkswagen vehicles. They service and repair Beetles, Passats and Golfs with genuine Volkswagen parts. They have experts to handle scheduled maintenance or needed repairs on brake systems, temperature control systems, cooling systems and much more. Stop by or call to have questions about Volkswagen vehicle maintenance answered by a qualified automotive technician. The “people’s cars” are quite secure in the hands of Autoworks Colorado and their experienced automotive technicians.

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